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Ordering a vanVUGT carbon frame is more than a click on a button. Because we don’t have any stock, every frame is built for a specific client and based on client’s specific wishes. That’s why personal contact is a key-point in the ordering process. vanVUGT is a one-man company. The man you are calling is the same man who will build your dream bicycle.

1 Start

To start a project, we ask a non-refundable € 1.000,- deposit to officially start the order process.  The deposit adds your name to the project and gives you an estimated time of delivery. 

2 Ride Position

An important step is to find the perfect ride position and geometry. If you are an experienced rider who is satisfied with his current riding position, we will copy this position.
In other cases we ask you to do a professional bike fitting to find the ideal riding position.

3 The Design

When the ride position is secured, then the best part begins. Now it’s up to your imagination! The shape of the tubing is the key-point for the eventual looks of the frame.
Aero, boxed-shaped, stealth or classy round tubing? It’s up to your imagination.
If you can come up with it, we can create it

4 The Paint Job

Every vanVUGT carbon frame has the vanVUGT logo on the downtube and a unique serial number with autograph of “the artist” on the seat-tube. The rest is again up to your imagination.

You can stick to the standard paint job, but feel free to come up with a stunning design. We have a partnership with an airbrush artist who is able to create almost anything you wish.

5 The Approval

With the approval we will agree on payment terms. When all of the previous is approved and agreed on the actual build starts. During the build we keep you updated on the progress and send you pictures of every step in manufacturing process.


Feel free to contact me by telephone, e-mail or social media if you have any questions about ordering, the deposit or what so ever.