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Edwin van Vugt

I was born and raised in the mekka of cycling, the Netherlands.
The interest in cycling didn’t came at a certain age, but has just been there my whole life. At the age of 12, I was “tuning” my wheel hubs and around my 16th birthday, I started to build my first carbon frame.

From that time, I became “somebody” in the local cycling community. Not for my results in races, but more because of the equipment I was using. Home-made frames, wheel and handlebars instead of walking with the bunch.
At that time I started my first company in repairing carbon frames and parts. Over the years I repaired more than 2.000 frames for individual cyclists, leading brands and many pro cycling teams

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Belkin’s Innovation expertise

My knowledge of Carbon fibre and frames resulted in a job as the teams innovation manager at the Belkin ProCycling team. It was my task to make sure that top cyclists like Bauke Mollema, Robert Gesink, Lars Boom and Wilco Kelderman were able to profit of the best parts available.

I was involved in track testing, windtunnel testing and lots of projects like special frames, wheels and tires. One of the biggest achievements was the engineering and designing of a special cobblestone-tire. This resulted in the historical win of Lars Boom in the famous 5th stage of the Tour de France in 2014 where he raced solo to the victory in Wallers.

My knowledge of Carbon fibre also came in hand when working with leading frame manufactures to take their products to an even higher level. I did prototyping of frames, forks and handlebars for lots of brands in the industry